Dior Eyes

Dior is a very famous House in Fashion and Perfumes, known for the exceptional craftsmanship of its fashion collections, high-end perfumes and cosmetics. To strengthen the strong emotional link with Millennials fashionistas and key clients, Dior wanted to create an outstanding experience to explore the brand content. The main objective was to trigger the interest of their consumers for the perfume and make-up categories, while expressing the modernity of the brand.

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Concept & Project Lead (DigitasLBi)

  • Labs director : Julien Terraz
  • Creative technologist : Stéphane Allary
  • Creative director : Jean-Francois Ziegelmeyer
  • Digital producer : Matthieu Carton
  • Account director : Stéphane Le Flohic
  • Project manager : Maxime Decarpentries
  • Creative coder (Android App) : Franck Youdine
  • Creative coder (Back Office) : Maximilien Jourdain
  • Art director (Android App) : Aymeric Pepin
  • UX designer (Android App) : Sebastien Calvez Jimenez
  • Press relation : Sarah Coutin
  • Logistic : Wahid Sellami

Case Study (DigitasLBi)

  • Lead motion designer : David Sultan
  • Motion designer : Javier Sacristan Rodriguez
  • Art director : Sarah Scherrer
  • Director of photography : Valention Tesson

Design (Eliumstudio)

  • Head of industrial designer : Pierre Garner
  • Senior industrial designer : Arthur Farre
  • Industrial designer : Thibaut Barbedette
  • Packaging designer : Nieves Contreras

Mechanical production (Novall)

  • Head of mechanical engineer : Ronald Bosch
  • Mechanical engineer : Ludovic Lauer

Prototyping (Euromodel)

  • Head of prototyping : Stéphane Millot
  • Prototyping assistant : Karen Villanova

Packaging (CNC)

  • Packaging manager : Paola Pruvost

Mechanical production (LCO)

  • Project manager : Samuel Fontanel

Sound production (Prodigious)

  • Producer : Clement Bonnet
  • Sound engineers and Sound designers : Sidney Guillen & Florentin Foucault
  • Voice-Over : François Lidove & Geoffrey Bateman