Lacoste has transformed in a few years by its presence in American fashion weeks and the appearance of a creative director like all luxury brands. The will of Lacoste is clearly to enhance the quality of manufacture of its products but also reinvented its unique style. However, this historic brand, strongly marked by sport, wants to follow its users, who evolve and renew themselves. Digital has marked a turning point for this brand which has more than 100 physical sales outlets in France and a multitude around the world. Lacoste is not only a premium clothing manufacturer, but also distributes it. The digital channels to be developed are therefore multiple and my objective is clear: to strengthen the digital experience by linking it to a historical physical environment.

With the help of a dedicated data-mining team, the digital creation studio and international teams (especially the New York office where I have a desk for a short time), we were able to undertake several large projects. The omnichannel aspect is one of the points that we have been able to evolve at Lacoste with the appearance of service like Click & Collect and the redesign of a unified conversion tunnel that allow a real link between the web platform and the shops. The eco-system was reinforced by more options available to users to boost sales.

Another point was the development of brand-specific services such as the personalization of the Lacoste Polo, iconic clothing invented by one of the founders René Lacoste. For the first time in the history of the brand, any user around the world can appropriate the style by choosing colors and materials, from a selection. The possible combinations allow several hundred different renderings. The service was complex to set up, the web platform seemed ideal to create a specific customization tunnel, on the model of Nike ID which is one of the best personalization tool of clothing.

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I was

  • UX Design Manager

Main achievements

  • Introducing UX principles
  • Complete redesign online funnel
  • Polo Personnalization (New)
  • Omnichannel design / iPad on retail (managing agency)